Sherlock Holmes

On the trail of the master detective!

"This was truly a masterpiece of an experience. I was not expecting such high quality, well thought out challenges and dumbfounding problems."
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Sherlock Holmes is missing! Ever since Sherlock's arch-enemy Professor Moriarty returned to the city, we failed to get in touch with Sherlock. By order from Scotland Yard you enter Sherlock's apartment and start investigating this great detective's fate. Only if you are able to work as a team and combine all clues correctly, you will be able to follow Sherlock's trace.

For this Sherlock Holmes Live Escape Game in Berlin we recreated the orginal apartment. Almost all of the furniture and accessories are more than a century old, which will take you back to the year 1890 where you will be able to track Sherlock down.

"Our secret tip! Amazingly authentic!"
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"I definitely recommend this Escape Game for everyone!"
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Sherlock Holmes is not only for hobby detectives and Sherlock fans, but also for all Live Escape Game Pro's and Newbies. In this historic scenery you have to solve plenty of tasks and puzzles to be able follow Sherlock's traces.

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"A must-see for everyone who is into interesting activities!!!"
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Extra Version für Kinder

Kleine Detektive ab 12 Jahre dürfen sich auf die spannende Suche nach Sherlock Holmes begeben! (siehe FAQ)

100 Jahre alt!

Die Einrichtung in Sherlock Holmes ist über 100 Jahre alt. Wir versetzen dich zurück in das Jahr 1890!


Scotland Yard vermutet, dass Sherlock Holmes Wohnung wesentlich größer ist als sie wirkt. Gibt es etwa Geheimgänge?

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