FAQ - Escape Berlin Live

What actually is a Live Escape Game?
Live Escape Games are modern detective and adventure games. We lock you together with your friends in an extensively designed scenario and give you an hour to solve the riddles. Depending on the scenario you booked you have to solve mysterious puzzles about Sherlock Holmes, help the Big Png nerds, break into a Liquor Store, or escape a psycho. Before the game starts you of course get a precise introduction and that is why all games are suitable also for beginners.

Who can play?
We are very proud of the fact that our Live Escape Games attract all age groups. Whether you are 8 or 90 years old, the games offer something to everyone. Particularly experienced players have a choice of different levels of difficulty.
To play our Live Escape Games in Berlin you don't need any previous knowledge. All rules will be explained and all hints needed to solve the puzzles you find in the scenarios. In case you are stuck our trained game masters will help you.

How can I book an entire scenario just for us?
Just sign up, that's all;) We like you to solve the riddles together with your friends. That is why the entire booked scenario is exclusively for you. We don't let anyone else in during your play time.

Are the Escape Games nasty or creepy?
No! You won't find any spiders, monsters, or the like in our scenarios. Please notice that this doesn't count for our horror game Kidnapped.

How many people can play?
Nearly all of our Live Escape Games in Berlin are designed for 2 - 12 persons. You will be informed during the booking process how many people can play in your Live Escape room.

We signed up 5 people, but now we are 6!
That is no problem at all. As long as you don't exceed the number of people allowed you are invited to bring more people even unannounced. The remaining amount can be payed on site.

Can I get a Live Escape Game gift card?
Of course! Live Escape Berlin's gift cards are very popular. They are valid for two years so there is plenty of time to redeem the gift card.
Purchase your gift card here -> Escape Gift Card Shop

Can we book you for parties, birthdays, weddings, or bachelor parties?
Yes, of course!

Do you have special opening times for corporates?
We love to open our doors individually for corporates and festivities. Please send us your requests!

Ich habe eine körperliche Beeinträchtigung. Sind die Spiele für mich geeignet?
Bitte rufe uns vor deiner Buchung an. Gerne prüfen wir im Einzelfall ob die Teilnahme möglich ist.

Darf ich meinen Hund/Katze/Wellensittich mitbringen?
Aus Rücksicht vor Allergikern dürfen keine Tiere zu Live Escape Berlin mitgebracht werden. Auch wenn du den süßesten Hund ever, einen Hasen an der Leine oder einen Goldfisch im Glas hast - Ausnahmen können wir leider nicht machen. Bitte beachte, dass sich das Tierverbot auf die ganze Anlage bezieht - Tiere also am besten ganz zu Hause lassen.