FAQ - Escape Berlin Live

Gift Cards

Can I buy gift cards?
How long are gift cards valid for?
For which rooms can I use the gift card?
What is a "Premium" gift card?
My booking is more expensive than the value of my gift card.
Can I buy a gift card directly at your place?
How do I cash my voucher?

Escape Games

What is the price for an Escape Game?
Are the Escape Games disgusting or scary?
How many people are allowed to play?
We are more players than booked. Is that a problem?
Do you have games for children? At what age am I allowed to play?
Am I allowed to bring my cat, dog, or parrot along?
Which languages do you offer?
What happens when I am late for my appointment?
Do I have to crawl? I have knee problems.
I already had 2 beers. Am I allowed to play?


How do I make an appointment?
Can I play spontaneously?
Do I get an invoice?
Do I have to print out a ticket?
Can large groups also play?

General Questions

What should I wear?
Is the game accessible for handicapped players?
I am pregnant. Am I allowed to play?
How is the parking situation?
How do I get to you with public transportation?
Am I allowed to take my cell phone into the room?
When should we arrive?

Further questions?

If you have further questions please contact us:

Phone:(+49) 030 3465 580 33

Please note that you can't reach us all the time via phone because our guests on site have priority. The best is to send us an email.