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"Incredible fun! The large two-story Lasertag area offers so many hiding places that you can almost get lost and takes the game to a whole new fun level."
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Run across the bridge, hide in a maze, find the stairs to the plateaus and track down the enemies in tunnels! Lasertag is an exciting sports game for the whole family. In our multi-level facility you can experience an action-packed game of superlatives with the most modern equipment. But only who proves real teamwork will have the most points at the end!

Lasertag is an exciting sports game for young and old. At the beginning of the game we equip you with the most modern and harmless Lasertag technology. Each player gets a Lasertag phaser and a vest, which glows in the color of the respective team. For the game you have the whole multi-storey facility with a suspension bridge at your disposal. Divide into teams and hit as many opponents as possible to break the high score. The game is played in several rounds. After each round there is a short break and then you continue with new energy.

"The ultimate fun!"
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"Really cool atmosphere and big space for a cool Lasertag game."
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Our facility is open for kids and adults. Kids as young as 8 years old are allowed to play in one of the most modern sports games. Adult teams, on the other hand, can take advantage of the strategic features of the facility and look forward to an action-packed match.

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"In my opinion this is the best provider in Berlin. The arena is mega-cool (2 levels) and the game mode is super intense and exciting."
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Would you like to give a visit to Lasertag in Berlin as a gift? Just choose how many people the gift card should be valid for. After a few minutes you will receive an email with a voucher code. It's not a problem if more people come to the game than is on the gift card. The additional players can easily be paid for when making the booking. The gift cards can be used for every scenario and are valid for 2 years.

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FAQ - Lasertag

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Extra version for kids

We have an extra Lasertag version just for kids! Here the focus is on fun at the game!

Suspension bridge!

You play on several plateaus, which are connected with a cool and colorful suspension bridge!

Tunnels & secret passages

The playfield spans 2 levels and much of the playfield is developed with winding tunnels.

Central in Berlin

We are located directly at the Berlin Ringbahn and are very easy to reach by public transport as well as by car.

Parking spaces available

Our property includes a parking garage (1€ / hour). Get into the elevator there and you are with us.

Safe gaming environment

Our games meet all safety requirements! If you still feel uncomfortable, you can always get out.

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