Play Time
For kids from 8 to 14!

The biggest party in town!

"It was really great and very varied, there was something for everyone. The girls were so excited that they didn't even pay attention to the snacks in between, because they preferred to keep on puzzling."
Jessica - Google Maps

Your parents are abroad on a business trip and have left you alone. Of course, you know that there is a big party vault in your house. But this is absolutely forbidden for you! But if mom and dad are away, who will control it? So quickly invite your best friends for a big party in the party vault. Will this be the party of the century or a big flop? It's up to you!

The Escape Game Play Time is the youth-free version of our successful game Party Vault. Prove your skills in numerous challenges and celebrate a gigantic party together with your friends! If you manage this Escape Room, you will be the hero at school!

"A truly unique experience!"
Claudio - Google Maps
"It was great to watch the kids working together and cracking one puzzle after another."
Heinz - Google Maps

Play Time is specially designed for children from 8 to 14. In the game there are drinks, sweets and lots of fun and strange challenges. Fun and lasting memories are absolutely paramount here. Due to the huge size of the scenario up to 12 children can easily play.

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Gift Cards

"We booked the game for a kid's birthday party and had a great time. The girls were talking about it very enthusiastically for a long time afterwards."
Sandra - Google Maps

Would you like to give a visit to the Play Time Live Escape Game in Berlin as a gift? Just choose how many people the gift card should be valid for. After a few minutes you will receive an email with a voucher code. It's not a problem if more people come to the game than is on the gift card. The additional players can easily be paid for when making the booking. The gift cards can be used for every scenario and are valid for 2 years.

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FAQ - Play Time

What age is the game suitable for?
Are the kids allowed to play without adults?
What makes Play Time so special?
What does this game have to do with the Party Vault Escape Game?
Do you need any special prior knowledge?
Can we play the Escape Game in English?



Drinks and snacks

You can't have a party without drinks and sweets. That's why these are already included in the game!

Extra time!

Want more time to party? For Play Time, you can extend your game time by 15 minutes!

Party game!

Play Time has a secret. Solve the special puzzles and start a mega party!

Central in Berlin

We are located directly at the Berlin Ringbahn and are very easy to reach by public transport as well as by car.

Parking spaces available

Our property includes a parking garage (1€ / hour). Get into the elevator there and you are with us.

Safe gaming environment

Our games meet all safety requirements! If you still feel uncomfortable, you can always get out.