Time to die ...

What happens if a horror movie all of a sudden becomes real and you experience your worst nightmares? How do you behave if you become part of horrible, barbarous experiments? Now you have the opportunity to find out and to prove that you are able to survive!

You will start this Horror Live Escape Room as one team. It is up to you and your decisions if you also leave it again as one team.

„One hour in a different world.”
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The Kidnapped Horror Live Escape Event is not suited for persons under 18. Please do not participate in this game if you suffer of claustrophobia or anxiety disorders, have a pacemaker, or if you are pregnant.

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Gift Cards

Would you like to give a visit to the Kidnapped Live Escape Game in Berlin as a gift? Just choose how many people the gift card should be valid for. After a few minutes you will receive an email with a voucher code. Its not a problem if more people come to the game than is on the gift card. The additional players can easily be paid for when making the booking. The gift cards can be used for every scenario and are valid for 2 years.

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FAQ - Kidnapped

Ist Kidnapped ein schlimmes Horror Spiel?
Wir haben uns sehr viel Mühe gegeben, eine stimmige und gruselige Atmosphäre zu schaffen. Aber unser Ziel ist es nicht, dass ihr nach dem Spiel Albträume habt, sondern dass ihr rauskommt und begeistert erzählt, dass es Spaß gemacht hat. Ihr dürft euch also auf eine Stunde angenehmen Grusel mit spannenden und stimmigen Rätseln freuen.

Gibt es einen Clown in diesen Spiel?
Nein! Da wir Berliner nicht so viel vom Karneval halten, ist auch das Kidnapped Spiel garantiert ohne Clowns.

What happens if I panic during the game?
In case of emergency you always have the opportunity to leave the game. If you press one of the big emergency buttons all doors will open immediately.

Is the Kidnapped Live Escape Game suitable for children?
If you want that your children will never sleep well again and suffer of nightmares then this is exactly the right game. All parents who love their children are recommended to book one of our other Live Escape Games, for example Sherlock Holmes or Big Png.

Do I need any background knowledge?
Previous knowledge is not needed. It is not necessary that you watched any horror movies, studied psychology, or engineering. Just some common sense is expected.

Can we play this Escape Game in English?
Yes! The Kidnapped Escape Game is offered German and English.